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Nokia 5000 insert sim cardNokia 5000 insert sim cardNokia 5000 insert sim card

Having problem how to solve insert sim card problem on Nokia 5000? no matter how many different SIM card  you've tried to insert on it but it shows and display insert sim card on the LCD screen .
Here's a simple repair tricks to solve that insert sim card hardware related problem on Nokia5000.

The sim card assembly connection is filtered by an IC wll known as SIM card IC (integrated circuit). If the filter will breakdown or damaged it will result to insert sim card problem issues.
The repair solution guide picture above shows the line paths (sim card ways) of the SIM circuit, it includes the filter IC's internal connection between of each solder ball terminals way trough to each corresponding sim card pin connectors of the sim card holder.

Insert Sim card repair hints:
1. check the supply voltage line paths from the VSIM capacitors way trough to the pin connector with
     labeled  VSIM.
2. Remove and replace the SIM card filter IC,
or manage to apply a solder jumper on each corresponding solder ball terminal of the SIM filter IC.
3.  Need expertise in this method if the above does not solve the problem:
  a. Reheat, reflow the power IC.
  b. Remove the power IC and trace each particular sim card lines (see picture above)of the power IC solder balls terminal directly trough to each corresponding SIM card pin connector. if found cut manage to apply tiniest magnetic jumper wire on it.
  c. Reball the power IC's solder ball terminals.

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