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Nokia 5320 Keypad flex matrix connection line pathsNokia 5320 XpressMusic Keypad flex matrix connection line paths

Here's the Nokia 5320 solution for Not working navigation or numeric keypads keys. This guide shows some step by step procedures on how to fix if the keypad keys aren't responding.

The Nokia 5320 xpressmusic keypad interface comes with flex matrix assembly, so you may need to check first the keypad matrix, clean the keypad membrane, or replace it with a new keypad replacement. The solution below also shows the connection line paths of each particular keys. The inner layer core of the keys pad is showed in rows and the outer core which is the column. This may help to trace if there is only one or two and not more than four keys that are not working.

Nokia 5320 Keypad flex matrix connection line paths
Nokia 5320 keypad flex jumper ways

If however, if you already confirmed that the problem doesn't lie on the keypad flex, you may refer to the following solution below and check the highlighted components.
You may also first check the pin connector for possible damaged, clean it as well if necessary. There are four 47 ohms resistors and ESD protection components at the bottom of the pin connector. You may need to check each of this components or replace it. If the above solution doesn't fix the problem, the possible faulty is the CPU IC, reheating or reworking it might only fix your Nokia 5320 keypad problem.

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